If you’re running MYOB Exo for accounting, operations and CRM, it might be time you integrate with Tall Emu to mobilise your team and develop a supercharged sales pipeline.

  • Automatic sync between CRM and Exo lets you effortlessly keep every system updates at all times.
  • Speed up sales by providing access to key data in a centralised database that can be viewed and updated from anywhere.
  • Improve data security and reduce data errors in your accounting suite.
  • Harness the true sales potential of a purpose built CRM, including: pipeline management, lead acquisition tools and customer relationship development.

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Automated Data Sync

Integrating MYOB Exo with Tall Emu takes the pain out of data recording. Eliminate the time spent re-keying data between your systems and do away with double data entry.

  • Two-way sync between CRM and Exo reduces administrative strain by syncing data automatically or at desired intervals throughout the day.
  • Sell faster by giving your team access to detailed information, updated across every platform your business uses.
  • Remove the risk of data errors when re-keying data between systems.

Pure Cloud Data Centralisation

Give your team access to everything they need, whenever and wherever they need it. When you integrate with Tall Emu, you’re able to view historic data or create new records anywhere, anytime. Your data is stored in a secure, cloud-based database that allows for access in the office, on the road or at home.

  • Customers, sales and historic financials all available on the web for ease of access.
  • Quotes and sales can be prepared in-field and automatically synced to Exo.
  • Purpose built software that works with items, BOMs and kits so there’s no compromise on data quality.
  • View stock, manage client visits and manage customer accounts painlessly to speed up sales and provide a better picture for your team.

Pipeline Management

Benefit from Tall Emu’s purpose built pipeline management features that help your team boost efficiency, sell more and sell faster.

  • Kanban and map views let you visualise your data and ensure sales never fall through the cracks.
  • Reports and dashboards simplify performance management and hold your team accountable to reach sales targets.
  • Simple meeting set-up and prospect communications help in nurturing customer relationships and moving prospects through the sales pipeline.
  • Web-based quoting enables sales anywhere, anytime – letting you generate quotes on the fly, and letting customers accept and pay online.

Enhanced Data Security

Integrating with MYOB Exo provides security and data safety benefits that give you peace of mind. When you integrate with your accounting system/ERP, you won’t need to give multiple team members access to login information.

  • Let the team create and edit data in CRM, and let the integration automatically update Exo, keeping your data secure at all times and reducing data errors.
  • Data hosted in Australia, software support in Australia.