Whether you’re importing from a previous CRM system, your accounting software, or tedious spreadsheets you’ve been using to manage business until now – Tall Emu can help.

  • Easy imports streamline data uploads to get you going as fast as possible.
  • Export reports, dashboards and data grids in two clicks for easy sharing with stakeholders and team members.
  • Automatic export of key business information back to accounting (or other integrated) software.

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Import from Other Systems

If you feel stuck using another system/database, whether retail or custom, Tall Emu can help you import your data and get started with our powerful platform. We make data migration easy.

  • Import data from an accounting system with ease and unlock the advanced functionality of the CRM, with any newly created records automatically synced back to accounts.
  • Migrate from another CRM system and centralise your data within Tall Emu.

Import from CSV/Excel

If you’ve been using spreadsheets (or 100 of them) to manage your business until now, ease the pain and bring your data into Tall Emu stress-free. Our data importer helps you organise, clean up and merge data from CSV files or spreadsheets.

  • Streamline the import process using our import table for straightforward data structuring.
  • Import wizard lets you painlessly match data labels from your imported data with data sets in the CRM.
  • Duplicate checker helps you sort and consolidate your records so you can stay organised and boost efficiency.

Export with Ease

One of the best things about our system is its pure cloud functionality. We automate data sync between key business systems (like accounts and digital marketing), so if your whole team has access to the CRM, there shouldn’t be many reasons to export your data. However, if you do need to export data, we make it easy.

  • Data grids are equipped with easy export buttons that will export the current view as PDF, Excel or CSV files.
  • Reports and dashboards can be easily exported for sharing important business information with key stakeholders.
  • Export of key information can be automated back to integrated systems – automatically export new sales, invoice, quote and customer records to accounts.