Credit Control

Credit control provides the peace of mind you need to continue selling to your customers with confidence.

  • Effortlessly set credit controls for customers to ensure bad-payers have service limited.
  • Avoid cash flow issues by making customer purchasing behaviour highly visible.
  • Reduce administrative strain by automating credit controls and avoiding late payments.

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Full Transparency

Tall Emu gives you the tools you need to ensure customer status and payment behaviour is fully visible, and controllable, by you.

  • When you view a customer record, you’ll see key information in a glance – customer grade, current outstanding balance, open quotes, open sales orders, average order value and more.
  • Use this information to communicate effectively with customers based on their sales relationship to your business.
  • Set payment terms for different customers, limiting the flexibility for risky payers and providing leniency for long-term customers or trusted accounts.
  • Set credit limits to automatically restrict purchasing above a certain outstanding finance threshold.

Perfect for Small Businesses

Handy for small businesses who might struggle to put in place defined payment procedures, Tall Emu’s credit controls provide peace of mind and safety when selling to customers.

  • Automatically manage credit limits and payment terms so you spend less time doing financial admin.
  • Define standard payment protocols for easy tracking and better consistency in cash flow.

Save Time on Admin

Setting up credit controls within CRM guarantees time savings when it comes to administrative work.

  • Avoid late (or unpaid) invoice payments by defining credit controls and setting purchase limits.
  • Avoid the time spent chasing up overdue invoices, give clear payment terms and restrict service if they’re not met.