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Tall Emu simplifies and streamlines your administrative workload to help you save time and direct your energy towards more lucrative activities. Automating data sync and key business processes eliminates required effort and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Accounting system sync eliminates double data entry and updates your accounting system with new data records automatically.
  • Streamline your sales process with recurring invoices that accelerate cash flow and reduce payment chasing.
  • Intuitive controls let you mitigate business risks while reporting allows you to analyse and optimise your processes to promote growth.

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If you’re migrating from another system or you’ve been running on spreadsheets until now, there’s no need to start from scratch. Our data import capabilities let you pick up where you left off, giving you access to historic data and slashing the time you’ll spend setting up.

  • Import with ease from your accounting system and enable auto-transfer of key data moving forward.
  • Upload spreadsheets you’ve previously worked from using our intuitive import wizard.
  • Merge your data into the system perfectly with data matching and duplicate checking.

Our seamless integration with MYOB gives you access to accounting, sales and customer data anywhere, anytime.

  • Enhance security by removing the need to provide MYOB access to all your staff.
  • Boost productivity by centralising and sharing data between your systems.
  • Save time and reduce data errors by setting up auto-sync of key information and eliminating double handling of data entry.
  • Share customers, products, prices, quotes, sales, invoices and payments effortlessly to keep your systems (and your team) up-to-date at all times.
  • Built-in online quoting allows for easy quote creation, sending, acceptance and payment – whether infield or at the office.
  • Enhanced stock functionality satisfies complex inventory requirements including multi-currency purchasing, manufactured items, batch tracking and serialised stock.

Give yourself an all-in-one view of business and accounting data by integrating with Xero.

  • Seamless two-way sync lets you transfer historic data from into your CRM and automatically sends new lead, quote, sales, invoice and product data back to your accounting system.
  • Centralise your business data to provide an all-encompassing view of the information you need to accelerate sales and maintain profitable customer relations.
  • Eliminate double data entry and reduce the risk of data errors, your team will never have enter data directly into Xero again.

Tall Emu is the best CRM for MYOB Exo Business to mobilise your sales team and give you access to customer, financial, sales, stock and quoting information from anywhere.

  • Supercharge your pipeline with cloud-based functionality, letting you create, update and access data in-field.
  • Two-way sync of data eliminates the need for double handling of data entry, saving your team valuable time and reducing the risk of data errors.
  • We work with items, bill-of-materials’ and kits to provide a full-service suite of tools that let you accelerate your sales process and stay organised.

Recurring Payments/Invoices

Tall Emu takes the pain out of subscriptions and repeating invoices.

  • Enhance business efficiency by automating repeated invoice generation.
  • Reduce the need to chase payments from your customers.
  • Save on admin time and direct your efforts to closing new deals – let invoicing take care of itself.


Tall Emu is equipped with advanced reporting and dashboard functionalities that give you highly visual, informative views of business performance. Designed to keep you and your team accountable and updated, our reporting module lets you:

  • Track activities and drill into performance.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within your business processes.
  • Analyse historic data to find trends.
  • Filter by salesperson, company, region and more to make informed decisions that help you  optimise business processes.

Credit Control

Easily set and track customer credit controls to reduce cash flow risks associated with bad payers.

  • Assign customer grades, credit limits and terms of sale to control and/or restrict specific contacts or companies.
  • Be in the know at all times with an accessible display of lifetime value, balance owing, open quotes, open sales orders, average order amount and total invoice amount all on the contact record.