Business Need

Our client operates a national catering company focused on delivering quality food to the event, on time, in full, every time – and delivering excellent customer service along the way.   The catering events range from simple parties to complex events , for a variety of purposes.    The business needs to follow up and process a lot of quotes, but ensuring that the promised event are successfully delivered is critically important – if mistakes are made then it’s possible that a wedding doesn’t have catering on the day!

The client needed an integrated solution that allows them to process leads through to quotes, and then, once accepted manage the bookings, payments , production and delivery of the event.   This also needed to integrate into their accounting system (Reckon Accounts) – and working with a lean team – had to minimise double handling and double entry so the company can make the best use of its talented team.

What we did

Installed Tall Emu CRM, connected to Reckon Accounts.    The software can now be used to receive web enquiries, create online web quotes (which can be accepted and paid for online), connected to eWay to allow in-office staff to securely manage credit card transactions.     Customer deposits are sent to the correct GL account on order, and final payments on event delivery transfer the GL entries to income accounts avoiding much manual accounting work.

Reminders trigger at key points for the staff to follow up quotes;   we also implemented a task management system to create tasks to produce food that has been sold.   The task manager system connects to a web-based console installed in the kitchens where staff can mark off tasks in real time.


We have customized the software heavily to the point that it is impossible for a staff member to place an order into a wrong date, automatic sales tasks are achieved, and KPI reports are sent to management daily for review. the amount of data that can now be exported out of this system   has allowed the business to analyse this data, and make firm decisions in the right direction going forward