Business Need

A New Zealand based manufacturer experiencing extremely strong growth needed a system to allow their business to continue to scale.   A key problem in fast sales in manufacturing is having the sales team keep track of what is available to sell, and when it may become available in future.   Of course, the manufacturing team also has to know what to make to keep up with demand.

There were various paper-based processes and an MYOB accounting system straining at the seams.

What we did

Tall Emu CRM has more manufacturing clients than any other industry due to our ability to provide a bespoke solutions and stock smart CRM and inventory management system. That why  we’ve become one of the best CRM for the Manufacturing Industry

Rather than manage stock in MYOB, it is now managed in Tall Emu CRM.   Instead of relying on basic ‘builds’ for stock (often happening just for accounting purposes, and after the fact) we implemented a work order management system which allowed the sales team to request product to be built.

The build of product consumes raw materials, and produces finished product. This ties in with MYOB’s assemblies concept.

When managing work orders, it is possible to schedule and update the status at the click of a button.   Having the manufacturing data surfaced meant it could then be made accessible to the sales team in order to provide real-time visibility on stock availability.

We also implemented shipment management processes.   Consignments can be prepared and shipped outbound, rather than rely upon paper or printed off sales orders. For multi-location shipments, separate shipments are automatically prepared.



The entire process from purchase and receipt of raw materials is now present inside CRM. This means:

  • Raw Materials are available.
  • Production is planned, and visible to the sales team.
  • Production can be reserved for particular customers.
  • Management of production is improved.