Business Need

Winemakers quite rightly focus on their art – and in many wineries systems and technology comes a distant second to oak barrels and cellar door amenities.

One of the problems the winery had was a plethora of systems to manage their data – one for telemarketing, one for online store, another for point of sale and so on.   When the winery did a telemarketing campaign, or their normal membership processing a massive load of administration is required to fulfil these orders.

Moreover because many wineries outsource telemarketing, the telemarketing company has better systems (we designed them!) than the winery meaning that they have more data about the wineries customers than they do!

Another key issue – with so many systems and PCI compliance, nobody is able to share credit card information.   This means that the website, cellar door, telemarketer and membership systems are all asking customers for their credit cards – a great source of irritation.

What we did

We installed almost the full suite of Tall Emu applications:

  • Tall Emu CRM,
  • Tall Emu Point of Sale
  • We converted the website to a Tall Emu shopping cart.
  • Mail Chimp was replaced with a Campaign Monitor system connected to Tall Emu CRM, and
  • We signed the client up for eWay as a payment solution.


We then imported all of the data from their existing web system, point of sale system, and membership system.

Finally – we implemented two key features for wineries:

  • A Membership Management system, which lets the winery control when customers receive their wine packs and under what terms (e.g the “Red Dozen” pack goes out twice per year).
  • An ability to import campaign results from the outsourced telemarketer


The winery now has a centralised membership database.   They know who their members are, what they have bought.   Transactions from the online store now come directly into CRM for fulfilment – and if the customer becomes a member they are added to the membership management system.

Using eWay Tokens – the customer credit card details can be securely stored in a completely PCI compliant fashion.   This can then be used in both the online store, and within the CRM as well.

The ability to import the campaign results from the outsourced telemarketer means that valuable buying history is not lost – and it’s possible to use this to tailor the targets of email campaigns out to consumers.

One of the major benefits is wine club management software. Instead of manually processing subscriptions, an automated process has been developed.   When it’s time to run the club packs, the winery just presses a button, which:

  • Works out the membership list
  • Generates an order based on their preferences
  • Automatically charges the credit card
  • Alerts the client that their pack will be sent soon
  • Generates a consignment for pick and pack, so goods out can be managed.


For many wineries the club-run is a bitter-sweet process because the cash-flow from the membership run is great – but the huge amount of “doing work” in the admin areas consumes the whole staff manually charging cards on EFTPOS.

The centralisation of credit card data under the control of the winery means they are not annoying their customers asking them for card details every 5 mins, or the commercial risk of inappropriately storing credit card details and running the risk of data compromise.