Business Need
A ‘big four’ Australian bank had a department that processes large numbers of credit card payments every day. This involved several systems and required a technical person to spend around an hour every day to manage. Reliability was also a concern as occasional system errors invariably meant a large IT effort to resolve. A critical issue was that processing needed to be completed by late morning which was often jeopardized by manual processing delays.

Millions of dollars of transactions per day can be reliably processed with limited human interaction.


What we did
Tall Emu were commissioned to maintain this system. After a thorough review of all of the systems and relevant processes it was decided to streamline this processing. There were many systems needing to be integrated, including complex accounting and reconciliation systems and an Internet credit card facility requiring encryption and other security issues. The main credit card processing engine was completely rewritten and other systems re-engineered.


The benefits to the client
The credit card payment processing is completely automated. Reliability was vastly improved (failsafe and error condition alerts are built in) and processing is completed in the early hours of the morning, starting immediately when the data files are made available.


The results
Permanent staff have been reassigned, saving around an hour everyday. The reliability and efficiency of the new system has meant that the system can scale – it can now handle even significantly larger numbers of transactions in a timely fashion.

There is a lower number and more accurate alerting of error conditions (eg, duplicate payments, credit card limit reached) due to smarter processing and better reporting has resulted in improved staff efficiency and satisfaction.