Business Need
A young telemarketing organization with a good idea needed specialised systems for their business to grow. After several months working on a small scale with a paper and MS Excel based system, the management realised that some IT systems could help them – but did not know where to start, having never been involved with any CRM or software development projects before.

Removal of the paper-based manual systems means that the client’s business is scalable – they can add as many staff members as they have the space to seat without worrying about excessive overhead.

After several meetings with the management team, we agreed a staged approach. The first phase would deliver a basic system that would be built upon based on management team feedback. Subsequent phases delivered additional features based on business priority.


What we did
A web based telemarketing system was produced that processed campaigns from end to end. Starting with defining the campaign, loading the leads, monitoring the calls made as part of the campaign and their result. Respondents who wished to purchase could do so immediately on the telephone, with the order being stored online. The clients of the Telemarketing company were provided with a web-based access to campaign status and orders, to allow prompt and accurate order fulfilment.

Salaries and commissions for the Telemarketers, as well as the invoices raised for services were produced automatically by the system based on flexible parameters.

Various real time reporting and “dashboards” were created to allow monitoring of campaigns in progress. At the same time we installed a software-based telephony system with 30 external lines. This was integrated with the CRM system so that the telemarketers simply “clicked to call”. Aside from saving tens of thousands of dollars over the cost traditional phone systems, the flexibility of the software-based system has resulted in more business efficiency for the company such as servicing two separate offices with a single phone system – with the offices connected by a point-to-point wireless network.


The benefits to the client
The custom CRM and integrated phone system is the backbone of the business and provides them with significant competitive advantage and cost-savings in operational expenses. For example, calculation of commissions alone used to be a full time job for an administrative person. Now, with ten times the people it’s still possible to calculate commissions automatically.

The system belongs to the client. They are not required to purchase additional product licences as they grow the business – and are not restricted by the ideas of a CRM vendor as to how their system should work. This leaves them free to implement innovative ideas to increase their already significant competitive advantage.


This client has grown their business in the space of a year from a small office with around 5 staff members, to a new custom-equipped office with over 50 staff members. There are further plans to expand the business.

The implementation CRM system has made such dramatic expansion possible, since it closely manages all of the campaigns, leads and gives our Client the ability to tightly manage and monitor their business.