Business Need

Most CRM systems have contacts working at companies.   In the modern interconnected world, this is no longer completely true.   One contact may own or work for, or just have a role at several different organisations.

Tracking these relationships can prove complex.   Traditional solutions include duplicating contact records, creating one contact for each role that the individual has.

What we did

One of the cool things about Tall Emu as a company – when someone comes to us with a problem, we try to solve it as elegantly as we can.

We modified our standard CRM system to allow the concept of a person (a real person) who could be a “contact in a role” at many different organisations. Our activities and other sub-systems were also modified so you could track activity not just against the person – but against the contact.

We additionally made it so that it was possible to quickly switch views between roles, including a view of data where activity from all roles that the contact has could be seen.


The organisation now has a CRM solution which accurately maps the “Data” to reality.   They have a true source of truth, can easily identify contacts with many concurrent roles and understand the true nature of activity and relationship per person.