Business Need
A mortgage vendor had implemented a successful web marketing strategy and was receiving leads daily through the web channel. Initially, the sales consultants manually entered these leads into CRM system for follow up.

This process was time consuming and prone to error – some data was not captured, and the valuable time of the consultants was being wasted performing data entry tasks as the CRM was inflexible. As a result, the business was unable to keep pace with the quantity of leads.

The valuable time of the consultants was being wasted performing data entry tasks as their CRM software was inflexible.


What we did
We created a simple program which took the data from the website, and automatically placed it into the CRM system.

Depending on the enquiry type and customer preferences we created or updated records for sales opportunities, and assigned them to the appropriate sales consultant.

This included prioritising leads based on flexible business rules which could be changed by the client at will. As new campaigns were created, the client simply flagged the business rules to be applied to the lead prior to start – ensuring that all leads generated were correctly processed.


The benefits to the client
Hot leads coming from the marketing campaign were immediately and automatically entered into the CRM system. The error-free and timely entry also ensured that all data was captured that the client required.

Marketing leads generated by specific google adwords campaigns could be flagged as such, allowing the marketing and communications team the ability to measure the campaign using the facilities provided by the CRM.


The Results
After the successful implementation of the system, the client has continued to process high volumes of daily leads and has successfully launched and tracked many more web campaigns. All of the details of the campaign are safely stored inside the CRM system for analysis.