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Best CRM Software Features

CRM Software system designed for Business to gain efficiencies & a competitive edge

At Tall Emu we understand how business owners & managers find it difficult to stay organised, be across all that’s happening with customers, following-up leads, knowing the status of projects and what staff have been doing…that’s why we created Tall Emu CRM software.



View customers, leads opportunities and projects on a map. Visualize your sales territory to find your best opportunities instantly. Filter opportunities based on location and your schedule

Prospect Hunter

Get new leads with Prospect Hunter! Search a map area for leads, cross checks with your existing data and quickly add to CRM. This is a great prospecting tool for sales reps and BDMS

Quoting Online

Quoting Online

Create beautiful quotes with our simple online quote builder. Add groups, images, links, videos and subtotals – send to customers by SMS or email so they can view online.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Get an Instant Ecommerce platform and start selling your Product online. Also provide a way for customers to see, download & pay outstanding invoices. Reduce emails and calls as a result.


Stay on top of what’s happening with your leads with our timeline view. It shows an up-to-the-minute list of all of the logged notes, calls, meetings and tasks in a simple to read summary that will just keep scrolling so you can read back as far as you like.

Kanban View

The Kanban view is great for managing sales, opportunities, projects and tasks. It’s drag and drop interface lets you manage data visually and elegantly

Voice Notes

Using the latest in AI technology, we can now capture real-time voice notes and store it in CRM.

Simply click on the microphone on any note, call, meeting or task. Speak normally and CRM will not only transcribe whatever you say, but will keep a copy of the audio for you in case you need to fix any errors later.

Outlook Add In

Outlook Add In

Our Outlook sidebar appears next to every email you receive showing key sales and relationship information. It can also sync emails to CRM as well as create opportunities and support tickets with a single click.

Work Smarter

Work Smarter

Tall Emu CRM software helps you do MORE with LESS. Reductions in cost of sales can be achieved as a result. Tall Emu CRM software empowers you to streamline your business processes therefore working FASTER and SMARTER.
Make your customers HAPPY with more tailored communication and faster service. Tall Emu CRM software lets you share valuable data with the staff that need it to do their jobs BETTER.

Easy Email Marketing

Easy Email Marketing

Tall Emu CRM features powerful email marketing capabilites that lets you design email campaigns based on templates created by us, you, or your own preferred agency. It’s powerful, allowing you to quickly send thousands of emails, yet inexpensive to operate. Reports on email activity pulled back into the CRM contact records automatically.

Employee Task Tracker

Employee Task Tracker

Built to be used on a Smart Phone or Tablet in your work place. Simply assign tasks to your employees and they appear on the device and can be started, stopped and checked off. The time is automatically logged against the task.

Meeting and Task Tracking

Meeting and Task Tracking

Most meetings result in tasks, but if you don’t follow-up you might as well not have had the meeting. In Tall Emu you can link a series of meetings. Tasks from the previous meeting(s) are automatically added to the agenda of your new meeting. Overdue tasks show in red

Quote Faster, Sell More

Quote Faster, Sell More

The faster you get back to prospective clients, the more likely your quote is to be accepted. Tall Emu CRM streamlines the quoting process, and if you are currently quoting based on formulas in Excel spreadsheets we can streamline this and make it go away.

Visualise with Dashboards

Visualise with Dashboards

Designed specifically for sales teams and business owners to keep everyone motiviated and informed. Over 100 pre-built “widgets” to show a variety of sales, performance and operational data in an easy-to-digest format.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

If re-keying of data between databases, excel spreadshets and your accounting system cause inefficiencies in your business, Tall Emu CRM can help. We link with all major Australian accounting companies to eliminate the re-keying of data

Ecommerce and CRM

Ecommerce and CRM

Tall Emu CRM’s shopping cart allows you to Sync product date from CRM up to the web to create online brochures, quotes or online stores. Data is seamlessly synchronised with CRM (and then your accounting system) to remove any redundant data entry and give one common price list throughout your business – a huge time saver and efficiency boost.

Lead Capture and Attribution

Lead Capture and Attribution

Have forms filled on your website or sales occurring in your shopping cart are sent to your automatically into your CRM.

We even send this to your accounting software. In addition we can show you how people found you so that you can have attribution reporting so you’ll know where to spend your marketing dollars.

Tall Emu CRM
CRM Software Integrations

Easy CRM Software Integration

Our Customer Relationship Mangement Software was designed work with other Software & Business Tools that Australians use. It’s easy to customise, easy to extend, and easy to integrate to suit your precise needs.


Our "Pure Cloud" CRM is able to be Synced with Enterprise or Hosted for those who need a tablet or mobile access.

  • Contacts and Companies

    Allows recording of information of companies and the staff who work there.

  • Activities

    Record phone calls, notes, meetings with the people you're dealing with to have a full record of your activities.

  • Opportunities

    Manage your sales pipelines - track sales, sales stage, value, add notes and make sure that your sales leads are all followed up.

  • Tickets

    Manage customer support tickets inside CRM.

  • Projects

    Manage projects, tasks and effort within CRM.

  • Email

    Send and track one on one emails or email campaigns, and send email campaigns via campaign monitor.  Record email history in CRM including emails sync'd from outlook.

  • SMS

    Send SMS messages using Burst SMS and Traitel.   (Traitel will be discontinued in 2019)

  • Speech Recognition

    Take voice notes and have CRM automatically record the audio, and convert it to text.

  • Map Visualisation

    See your data on google maps - customers, leads, sales and more. Gain insights into your data based on geographic location.

  • KanBan Visualisation

    Visualise your data in nice drag and drop view to manage it more intuitively

  • List Management

    Manage marketing lists, send email and SMS campaigns easily

  • Outlook Sync

    Links with outlook to show crucial customer information from CRM at a glance when you receive emails. Allows the sync of contact and calendar data, as well as emails, with CRM.

  • Campaign Monitor Sync

    Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to create, send, and optimize your email marketing campaigns.

  • Phone System Sync Coming Soon

    Tall Emu connects with many PBX systems to automatically log calls, as well as give insightful call popups when people call and also implements click to call.

  • Accounting Software

    Save data entry time by connecting your CRM with popular accounting systems including MYOB and Reckon Accounts (Quickbooks).

  • MYOB Accountright Live

    Full integration with Accountright Live to remove double entry of data and streamline business processes

  • XERO

    Integration with Xero cloud accounts, sync companies,contacts,products, invoices and more with CRM.

  • EXO

    looking for the best CRM that integrates with MYOB EXO Business (AKA EXONET) please contact us for a DEMO...Save money on EXO CRM lincences

  • Quote Module

    Create and send quotes via Tall Emu CRM, transfer to complete invoicing.

  • Web Based Quotes

    Email or SMS web based quotes to your clients that can be viewed, accepted and paid for online.

  • Selling

    Manage Sales, Shipments, Invoices and payments through Tall Emu CRM. Transfer sales data to your accounting system to avoid duplicated data entry.

  • eWay Integration

    Charge credit cards securely. Possible to implement recurring billing with stored credit card details in a PCI compliant manner.

  • Product Management

    Create products and price lists in CRM.

  • Customisation Paid Service

    Manage custom fields and data structures in CRM to completely tailor the system's data capture capabilities to suit your needs.

  • Custom Reports Paid Service

    Create custom reports with our powerful built in reporting engine.

  • Webforms Paid Service

    Submit data directly from your website to CRM; automatically creating contact or lead records and use auto-responder technology to follow up.

  • Clickstream

    Track visitor engagement on your website and display visit data within CRM.

  • Business Automation Paid Service

    Automate repetitive or recurring tasks using our powerful business automation engine.

  • Document Attachments

    Attach and store important documents to CRM

  • Purchasing

    Manage your purchasing and importing from overseas.

  • Stock Control Basic

    Manage stock in CRM. Import stock levels from the accounting system too, and see at a glance stock availability.

  • Shipments

    Track and manage shipment of your goods. We have API's to several shipping partners to help streamline dispatch processes.

  • Australia Post

    We have an integration to Australia Post that allows submitting of consignments, label printing and manifesting without re-keying of data.

  • Star Track

    We have an integration to StarTrak that allows submitting of consignments, label printing and manifesting without re-keying of data.

  • Fastway

    We have an integration to Fastway that allows submitting of consignments, label printing and manifesting without re-keying of data.

  • Other Courier

    You can configure your own couriers or ask us to integrate to your preferred partner.

  • Asset Management

    Track and manage client assets and the work you do on them

  • Work Orders

    Create work orders for team members to work on assets and jobs

  • Training Management

    Manage training courses, attendances and outcomes in CRM.  Link with Moodle is coming in 2019!

  • EziDebit

    Ezidebit’s direct debit helps your business take control over cash flow by ensuring customer payments are collected on time, every time.

  • WooCommerce

    If you’re running a WooCommerce Web site, Tall Emu allows you to download orders to your CRM, maintain complete history of orders and transactions, and publish your products to the internet without redundant data entry.

  • Freight Quotes

    Our shipment module allows you to instantly generate online freight quotes.

  • Machship

    Machship connects with over 60 carriers in Australia, using your contract freight rates – a great time saver if you work with multiple carriers.

  • Mailchimp

    Develop, deliver and track targeted email campaigns with the results updated automatically in the CRM.

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What Our Customers Say

I have worked with the Tall Emu system for over four years in two different businesses…the team and software have been outstanding. Brett Etchells, Business Development Manager, Premier Group
Tall Emu have always produced everything they said they would and the results have certainly exceeded our expectations. Ash Collins, Director, Tuff Stuff Australia
Tall Emu offers unparalleled customization at its price point. Adam Pope, Managing Director, Fabulous Catering
Tall Emu CRM has a very intuitive interface and it’s easy to use. It has been very reliable in the three years I have been using it, and it is very customisable. David White, Director, Digital Kiwi Ltd
We absolutely love our new website! Not only does it look beautiful, but it also is technically superior and incredibly functional, as it interfaces with our Tall Emu CRM. Samantha Peters, Sales and Marketing Manager, Pastabilities
Tall Emu have a wide range of experience in the development of business systems which has proved very valuable to Firstfolio in enhancing our business automation and online systems. We would highly recommend them. Linda Cooper, Firstfolio
What’s especially impressive about the talk and actions emanating from Australia-based Tall Emu is a strong corporate culture that values communication, honesty, a willingness to talk openly about problems, a responsive attitude, open-mindedness, and respect. Scot Finnie, Editor in Chief, Computerworld
It is important we get high quality systems to keep up with the rapid growth and demands of today’s business needs. Tall Emu consistently delivers on this with its very flexible, powerful, adaptable capacity. Brett Etchells, Business Development Manager, Premier Group
Yes, I would definitely recommend Tall Emu CRM. They are honest, reliable, hardworking, do what they say. It is great being able to deal with the Principals rather than staff who keep changing. We want them to be in business for a long time. Sharon Austin, General Manager, Peer Support Australia
Tall Emu developed a superior reporting solution that exceeded our company’s objectives and expectations. Their expert guidance through the project was invaluable. Rachel Pirie, Group Director of International Sales & Marketing, Staywell Group
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