Tall Emu CRM is the best CRM Software with the deepest integration with the Major Accounting packages in Australia

In minutes you can have all your accounts data in the CRM.  Save money on expensive accounting software licenses and save time time by removing the need to enter data into two systems.

This one step will mean you have a fuller picture of the whole business; lead and customer journey and interactions that lead to a sale or not, are now at your finger tips.

Tall Emu CRM works with the major Australian and NZ accounting system to allow the transfer of financial and customer data from accounting to CRM and vice-versa.

Get financial data to the sales team

If you already have an accounting system, you’ll have a whole array of customer data:

  • Names,
  • Addresses,
  • What you sold & when you sold it.
  • Total sales value for customers,
  • Profit margins.

All this data is sitting in your accounting system, but, can you use it ?

With Tall Emu CRM this data can be provided to the sales team in summary and detail where it can be used in the sales process, act as templates for re-orders and be reported on with our reporting and dashboard systems. Your marketing team can use this data to segment and target customers in specific niches.

Why link / integrate you CRM with your Accounting Software?

  • Manage Pipeline from lead to customer in one system
  • Increase Data Integrity
  • Proposals, Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoice from one system
  • Account data & Financial at your Finger tips
  • Save on Data Entry
  • Get paid Quicker
  • Better Control Credit limits
  • More Security
  • One Master Product List
  • Produce Consolidated Business Reports
  • Woocommerce shopping Cart purchases instantly update Accounts
  • Customer Accounts Data in Outlook Mail client

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