We are currently migrating this feature from our previous Enterprise Desktop CRM. It will be available in our Web CRM soon.

Follow up your outstanding invoices using Tall Emu’s Automated Payment Reminder system. This system makes chasing outstanding money or bad debt easier and less time consuming.

Take the manual work out of chasing up outstanding invoices and increase the cash-flow to your business. Nobody likes chasing money from customers but an automated system with smart rules to govern it (when and how often the reminder are sent), makes this task effortless and very effective.

What does it do?



  • A gentle reminder, consistently delivered to your clients helps keep them within your agreed payment terms and improving your cash flow.
  • The system checks your outstanding invoices every morning and automatically sends follow up emails to your customers requesting payment.
  • It can remind your sales or admin staff that clients have overdue invoices, and schedule calls to be made to clients to request payment.
  • Works with Reckon, Quickbooks, MYOB, or EXO accounting systems. However if you are invoicing through the CRM then you don’t need an accounting systems to work off.

How does it work?

  • Connect the system to your Reckon, Quickbooks, MYOB or EXO system.
  • Import all of your customer data.
  • Set up the collections rules (for example “Standard”, “Aggressive”, “Gentle”) which control how often the customers should be called or emailed.
  • Set the appropriate rule for each customer depending on your needs.
  • That’s it! Every morning, your outstanding invoices for all clients will be checked against the rules and appropriate reminders will be sent!


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