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Merge multiple Google Analytics website data into one report using Tall Emu CRM

Do you have more than one websites? Have you ever needed to know what the rolled up Google Analytic stats are for each of your websites, but in a combined view (i.e. what is my total organic traffic across all my websites)? Have you every tried to doing this using Google Analytics? Well then you know that it’s impossible.

You’ll have to run the report or reports that you need in each Google Analytics account for each website and then merge this data in excel.

Well I am lazy and I hate doing things that just seem dumb and laboriousness when there should be an easier way.

I searched high and low for a single application or software that did this. I found a few that said they did but where a nightmare to understand…so I gave up.

That was until I recommend a client to have multiple websites as part of an aggressive marketing strategy to drown out their competition (and it worked). We built them 27 websites and I promised them that this was going to lead to more SEO traffic and a higher conversion rate (and it did) but now I had the mother of all jobs reporting on it.

multiple website profiles one report

To stop me moaning, our top Business Intel guy and master report builder (you know who you are) took charge and made me this report. See the sample above.

As you’ll see, its all the websites listed and the total revenue broken out by Medium. It also brings in data from the same period but for the previous year, to give some context. At the bottom you get the totals of all the websites combined.

As much as I was happy, that my online marketing strategy worked, I will forever be grateful that this powerful report is available to me and my clients.


Adwords Reports using Tall Emu CRM – Year to Date

This report is really interesting and can’t be done using Google AdWords reporting. For this client they have multiple locations and their managers for these locations need to know how AdWords is going for them. The head office needs the total view. This report keeps everybody happy.

This report is a year to date report and in this case starts in July and is run every month until the following June. This is usually just an addition to some of the other reports that I send them but its always useful to see how you are going as the year progresses.


By bringing in Data for the same time frame but the previous year this gives everybody context on the data we put in front of them.

CRM Reports built using Adwords API – Monthly (versus last month & 12 month trend)

Using Google’s AdWords API we’ve pulled in data to Tall Emu CRM to build a report for clients.

As you may know, its often the case that your AdWords account could be running lots of different campaign types be it targeting the display network, remarketing or generic and brand terms.  In the case of this particular client they have multiple locations which we run out of one AdWords account.

Adwords Segmented using CRM

As each location and each targeting method has different performance matrix its vital that you  report on these separately. If you’re brave enough to put this level of detail in front of client its best to do so with context and I have also pulled in last months and the trend over the last 12 months.

segmented Adwords CRM report

Now I know, some reports go over the top of the heads of some clients but this report is useful to me which is why I like it so much.

In time your clients will see the benefit of it too but you’ll have to explain why the details shows some of the weaker performing aspects of the AdWords account.  Reporting on topline account level performance is addictive but getting into the detail will help the optimization process and the depth of the conversation you can have with a client.

I simply can’t get this report in AdWords but Tall Emu CRM allows me to segment or group at will and bring in other data to give results the context they need to be useful. As with all reports in Tall Emu CRM they can be automated to run and send without me lifting a figure.


Google Adwords Data combined with Google Analytics in Tall Emu CRM

Being an online marketing consultant I am always running reports for my clients and for myself to gauge and monitor performance.

Very often the data I need is in both the Google AdWords account and in Google Analytics account. Usually there is no easy way to use their reporting tools to combine and order the data in one view; especially on a month to month basis.

Report Adwords & analytics combined in CRM






That’s where Tall Emu CRM has saved me heaps of time. Using Google’s API the Tall Emu CRM software has the ability to build almost any report if the data available to consume.

I got this report built for a particular client and I love it. It is using both AdWords and Google Analytics data combined / merged into one report. This report is a bespoke report, as this client has two types of customers and there is a separate enquiry and sales process for each.  So we track and report on both separately and as a total; but this report brings all that into one report making the data more accessible and meaningful.

Adwords & analytics Graphs

Just when you thought this report couldn’t get any better, we also bring in the “click to call” data that AdWords records but hides, into this report.

more Adwords & Analytics charts

I’ve used variations of this report for other clients and they love it too. As I am a busy man, this report is automated and distributed using the Tall Emu CRM workflow.

If you are an SEM / PPC agency or have multiple AdWords accounts under your stewardship then feel free to talk to us.


What are you missing out on ?

It’s time to upgrade to Tall Emu CRM v3

If you’re new to Tall Emu CRM, or using an older version of our software, you could be missing out on great features of Tall Emu CRM. In this longer version of our email newsletter, we’ll describe some of the benefits that using Tall Emu CRM can bring you.

Although it contains all of the features you’d expect, Tall Emu CRM is much more than an average CRM.

Automated Shipping Quotes

When you sell physical goods and need them shipped, the speed of quoting can be delayed.  As I’ve mentioned before on our blog, there are strategic advantages to being able to quickly quote your clients the freight component of their order.

We’ve integrated with Temando which lets you get shipping quotes with just the click of a button.  You can get instant quotes from a variety of carriers, select the best fit and book it all from within CRM.   It’s fast and easy accurate.


Don’t miss out upgrade to Tall Emu CRM V3!

Take Payment in CRM with eWay

In a telephone sales environment, you can use Tall Emu CRM’s secure eWay integration to take payments from your clients via credit card over the phone.   This handy time saving function not only means any of your sales team can take payments (without the need for an EFTPOS terminal) , but this is automatically stored inside CRM.    The payments made via eWay can then be transferred into your accounting system without any duplicate data entry.

EziDebit for Direct Debit, Recuring Payments and BPay

Our EziDebit integration securely connects CRM to EziDebit, allowing the use of EziDebit’s platform to process Direct Debit, BPay and Credit card transactions.  These can be processed either manually for one-off payments, or automatically using periodic payments.   Results of transactions are stored in CRM and, of course, transferred to your chosen accounting system.

Survey your clients with Survey Monkey

Tall Emu CRM integrates with Survey Monkey to allow campaign-based or ongoing surveying of your customers.  Invite clients to participate in your surveys, and store and manage the results inside Tall Emu CRM.  You can then filter your customers based on their participation and responses to your surveys for further marketing.

Cloud-based email marketing

Don’t have your own mail infrastructure ?  Use ours!   Similar to mail chimp and other email marketing software, our hosted email marketing lets you broadcast emails without having your own infrastructure.   Every campaign can be monitored, and tracks all clicks and opens of email back into CRM automatically.   You may view these results as summary (e.g. 20% of people opened this mail) or per person “Billy clicked on this link”.

Track Shipments – Domestic and International

Ideal for importers, Tall Emu CRM allows the tracking of inbound containers and other shipments, as well as shipments to and from your client.  You can always have the correct information, ETA and tracking numbers to hand and know when goods are expected into stock.

Fully integrated with Temando, our shipping module allows a complete shipping solution including the booking, print of packing and picking slips.

Works with your Accounting software

Tall Emu CRM connects to your accounting system to extract historic sales and customer data, putting it right into the hands of the sales and marketing team.

It reduces data entry by allowing new customers, quotes, sales, invoices and payments to be transferred to your accounting system at the click of a button.  MYOB, Reckon Accounts, Quickbooks, Infusion and EXO are all well supported with Xero, Empower and Accountright live coming soon!

Streamline Quoting and Selling

Our new rapid data entry system lets you quickly generate orders in a familiar grid style.  You can also drill-in and see prior sales, sell prices, price levels and detailed sales information to help you sell at the best possible price.  Quotes can be quickly and easily sent to the customer direct from CRM – and quickly converted to invoices once accepted.

Stuck using another CRM?

We have simple migration from a variety of CRM systems available.