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Manage duplicate records with Tall Emu CRM


One of the big challenges with data is keeping it clean and duplicates, in particular, can be a major issue. Typical causes of duplication include data entry errors, importing inconsistent data from the accounting system or importing legacy data from an Excel spreadsheet. It is not uncommon for companies that don’t have data quality initiatives in place for duplication rates to be in excess of 20%. The indirect costs of duplication can be huge.


Tall Emu CRM version 3 has a number of features that help manage data integrity.


Firstly, prevention is better than cure and data can be checked for duplication on entry. When entering a new entity, such as company, other entities with a similar name are automatically displayed.

The duplicate checker on the company form

The duplicate checker on the company form

Note that the duplicate checker mechanism is configurable and can be used throughout the system, even on custom fields or a combination of fields, for example, the contact first and last names.

Tall Emu CRM also checks key fields on importing external data from and Excel spreadsheet. This means that loading data on matching values (such as first name and last name) can be either updated or ignored rather than create a new record.


Introduced in Tall Emu CRM version 3 is the ability to rapidly locate and tag possible duplicates for both contacts and companies. The locate duplicates function is intelligent, using advanced fuzzy logic technology to quickly identify even hard to find duplicates. Once tagged, it is easy to view the possible duplicates and take appropriate action, such as merging records together.

The duplicate tagger button on the contact grid

The duplicate tagger button on the contact grid

Not only is the duplicating checking powerful but it is fast – it can cross-check tens of thousands of records in moments.


The merge function combines numerous records into one record, automatically managing the relationships and other entities, such as calls, notes and contacts.

Example of the merging wizard

Example of the merging wizard


Tall Emu CRM manages the business process and it is important that the data has as much integrity as possible. The new features in Tall Emu CRM version 3 allows users to quickly and easily manage and resolve issues with data.