11 Reasons you might need a CRM


  1. Leads are lost and / or are not followed up
  2. Your marketing people do not know what products and services to sell to prospects
  3. Do not know the status or next steps required for a lead or a case matter to proceed
  4. Customer information is not available in one centralized place
  5. Employees do not know what products or services customers have purchased
  6. Employees do not know who to contact when a customer issue arises
  7. Customer issues are not resolved in a timely manner
  8. Reports are not available that tell employees how the business is performing
  9. Orders are often taken on paper, email and fax
  10. Customer service agents repeatedly re-create the same resolution to a problem
  11. Employees have data in excel spreadsheet (xls) that don’t get shared or are a pain to maintain.